Is it necessary to have a computer background to learn blockchain?

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September 6, 2020

Jd coin Is it necessary to have a computer background to learn blockchain?

Blockchain technology is being called the future of technology and there are many job opportunities coming up in this field of technology. Blockchain developers are really getting in demand nowadays, and to become one, you need to have a set of technical skills as a prerequisite.

One should have knowledge and understanding of IT as well as logical reasoning to be able to understand this complex technology. And you require certain skill sets to be able to understand and get you expertise.

Following are the essentials you need to understand:
1. Distributed systems and Networking.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger that works across the network, and an individual should know how the network and distributed system works. A good understanding of how peer to peer networks work is a must.

2. Cryptography
Hash functions and digital signatures are created by using the public-key cryptography in the Bitcoin blockchain. A good background in mathematics skills can also help in the field of Blockchain for a developer. Block Ciphers, Message Integrity, and Authenticated Encryption are few concepts that one should have a clear understanding. Payments are secured on e-commerce sites by Hash Function. A developer in Blockchain should have security skills like elliptic curve digital signatures, Merkle proofs, cryptographic hashing, private key, and public-key cryptography and many more. Frameworks in security are getting evolved for regulatory needs, legal needs, and compliance needs.

3. Data Structures
A blockchain developer should know how Data Structures work such as linked lists, graphs, hash maps, search trees and many more. Knowledge of programming languages like C++, C-Sharp, C, Scala, Java, Python is also required.
There are various online portals offering good courses in blockchain. One can start with the beginner’s program and gradually improve the skill set and knowledge upgrading to other programs. These courses and programs are not only written for the newbie or basic knowledge but also teach basic, intermediate and advanced level of skills.
There are many tutorials and blockchain experts who have their blogs as well as tutorials to help you understand how to begin your career in blockchain. You can also get enrolled for blockchain related courses online and get your learning started.

However, blockchain offers a variety of portfolios to choose from. You can choose between these following:
Blockchain Business Executive
Blockchain Consultant
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Administrator
Blockchain Architect